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Springtij Forum 2018

At the annual Springtij Forum (late September 2018) on the beautiful island of Terschelling I was asked again to serve as ‘Navigator’ and organize several sessions on sustainable development related to Water and Seas. One of the sessions was on…

Springtij Forum 2017

At the annual ‘Springtij Forum’, I have payed an active role for several years. This edition I was asked to act as Navigator for the theme Water&Sea at this unique event. Springtij is a 3-day event on sustainable development with…

Anders Varen

From Oct 2016-April 2017 I carried out a project on sustainable shipping in the Wadden Sea area. By bringing together several stakeholders of the maritime industry and nature organisations at a roundtable conference, we managed to spark a discussion on…

Geen stookolie in Noordpoolgebied

Geen stookolie in Noordpoolgebied is the title of an article which appeared in the Dutch magazine De Ingenieur, July 2017 Bron: De Ingenieur

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